W O R K I N G    W I T H    S C H O O L S

A school-centred approach
The Learning Skills Team

​  Kate McAllister              James Mannion 

Two beliefs:

  1. We believe that schools should teach young people how to learn, as well as what to learn. 

  2. We believe we have developed an innovative framework for helping young people learn how to learn in such a way that leads to significant academic gains across the curriculum.

One mission:

  • To successfully scale up the Learning Skills approach, to replicate these positive outcomes
    ​for as many young people as possible. 

  1. ​Top-down interventions often do not work - not because the intervention is a bad idea, but because top-down implementation is usually a bad idea.
  2. The most effective practice is 'owned' by those responsible for delivering it. For this reason, Learning Skills is not an off-the-shelf approach. There is no handbook, and we offer you no lesson plans. 
  3. ​We work with schools in annual cycles, from strategic planning through to effective implementation and evaluation.
  4. Learning Skills is a 'complex intervention' which combines a number of effective practices in such a way that the individual gains stack up, resulting in huge gains overall.
  5. We recommend that schools consider the value of each of the 'effective ingredients' listed in Section A. However we recognise that each school is different, and so we approach each school differently. We also understand the importance of starting small, and managing change carefully.
  6. ​To arrange a free 1-hour consultation, please drop us a line: [email protected] .

L O V E    F O R    O U R    T R A I N I N G :

  1. "It's a really good structure as it allows for reflection and contributions from more than one individual."
  2. "Great insight into how to structure group work in primary schools with helpful resources available"
  3. "The training was eye-opening and motivating. It gave me many ideas to attempt & learn to do my own action research."
  4. "The training was an excellent way to make me think critically about my practice and how I could improve."
  5. "The collaborative approach to planning allows you to make sure lessons are watertight before taking them into the classroom."
  6. "The training broke down group work into manageable steps and strategies."
  7. "Plan do review and do again... Distilling the essence of groupwork!"
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